Keno Guide


Keno Guide

Keno is one of those games people just seem to enjoy. It is a simple game that anyone can play as it does not require any particular set of skills. The game in its simplest form requires that you select from a series of numbers. If you match the numbers that you selected to the balls that were drawn you win. It is a game of chance and those who believe a strategy needs to be employed are a little misled. While playing the same series of numbers is often what people will do it by no means will return a larger number of wins. Keno is essentially like a lottery.

The history of Keno starts off all the way back in China. The game was created before the Great Wall of China was built and the first documented win from this game is way back in 1847 in China. As you can see this casino game just hasn’t provided our generation with entertainment value. It is one game that has remained popular and is played globally.

In keno you have 80 numbers presented on the game board. Depending on the casino you are playing at you will be able to select as few as 2 numbers or as many as 15 numbers. The payouts for the different amount of numbers depends on how many numbers you chose and how many numbers were drawn of those numbers. As each software is different some will pay as much as $10,000 if you get 15 balls. However, the more numbers that you get in keno the greater your winnings will be.

Wagering in keno generally will begin as low as $0.10 per game but often is regulated at $0.25 and can increase to $100 per game played. The options you will find in a keno game only relate to the numbers you choose, the size of your bet and the number of games you may wish to prepay for that will run in a row. After making your choices all that is left to do is to click the play button and watch the balls be drawn.

We hope that you love the game of Keno just as much as we do. There is not many games that have provided entertainment like /keno has to such a wide audience. It is a game that both men and women enjoy and will for years to come. The only choice you have now is which online casino you should play the game of keno with. We offer some outstanding casinos that include the game of keno – why not check them out today and start playing keno online.