MAGNIFY Magazine | The Moral Fabric of Zoë Boomer
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The Moral Fabric of Zoë Boomer

Pioneering designer Zoe Boomer is known for her elegant designs, tailoring of luxurious fabrics and powerful fashion campaigns that capture the modern spirit of the 21st century. However, it is the ethical morals woven throughout the brand that are securing her longevity in the fashion industry.

Located in Putney, southwest London, Zoe’s collections combine staple garments with stunning investment pieces. Her A/W 2012 capsule was an indication of just how far the label could go, but it’s Zoe’s admirable decisions and commitment to her beliefs that have made Zoë Boomer such an exceptional fashion label.

The garments are designed to suit women of all shapes and sizes, in tailored and flattering styles. Zoe chooses soft, delicate drapery, to make the wearer feel confident in themselves – she believes that, ‘when you feel beautiful fabric on your skin, you feel amazing’. Even the jersey products use a blend of silk, injecting a certain amount of luxury into the most basic of item to encourage the wearer to feel both comfortable and confident. The label is entirely designed, manufactured and produced in London, avoiding the use of sweatshops and poor labour abroad altogether. Customers can buy confident that there has been no human cost to the creation of the collections.

The decision to make the brand entirely ethical was made after Zoe heard a stirring talk on sweatshops, at the age of 17, by the organisation Tearfund, who campaign for global justice. After she heard about the atrocities that occurred in factories abroad, Zoe decided that if she ever had her own label, she would take a stand against this all-too-common problem. Several years later, she released her first collection, resolutely sticking to the commitment she had made as a teenager.

Zoe’s philanthropic work was later continued alongside Fashioned for Freedom. In 2011, the prestigious giant of social justice within the fashion industry invited Zoe into their team, where she was able to not only showcase her collection, but also increase awareness of the availability and accessibility of ethically-produced clothes.

The press have described Zoe as Ireland’s answer to Stella McCartney, who is, in her own right, an ambassador for the production of ethically conscious clothing and humanitarian work. Zoe’s popularity and potential for impact have been demonstrated with her infamous ‘FREEDOM’ T-shirts that support the human trafficking charity, A21 Campaign, and have been featured in Grazia UK. As with the rest of the collection, Zoe’s moral choices do not compromise the aesthetics; the softness of the vest fabric jars with the harsh reality of their message, creating a provocative piece that really makes a statement.

Zoe’s confidence is infectious, her passion for the label admirable, and her positioning to stand against the barbarity of human trafficking inspirational. For Zoe, her faith in the worth of God’s work, and her endeavour to continue along the path He’s laid out for her, eclipses the usual day-to-day life of a fashionista. Zoe believes that in an industry that is so driven by contacts and networking, God will provide her with all the opportunities she needs, and that this is her calling in life. Her values are founded in the bible and resonate in her daily life – ‘Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need’ (Matthew 6:33, NLT).  She has been known to skip fashion parties, the occasions where most would peacock themselves to be noticed, to attend meetings at her church, where she volunteers as a youth leader. She trusts that God will provide her with other opportunities to progress. Indeed, the opportunities have arisen on numerous occasions, and have often been above and beyond anything Zoe could have imagined. Recently, Zoe was invited back to her homeland of Northern Ireland to be an ambassador for a Round Table event, surrounded by fellow prolific peoples. She recalls sitting there and just being reminded of how God had promised her that He would create the opportunities she needed. These lessons of faith energise Zoe’s work, as evidenced in the growing success of her current collection.

It feels as though the Zoë Boomer label is ready to rise to further success, and to be as great as its founder’s reputation. The worth of Zoe Boomer spans her work as an ethical fashion designer, through her faith in God’s guidance, and results in beautiful garments that positively encourage the personal worth of those women they adorn. Check out more of Zoe’s beautiful clothes at

Words by Alice Bowring