MAGNIFY Magazine | Working harder and not smarter and avoid burnt out
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MAGNIFY Masterclass

Working harder and not smarter and avoid burnt out

You know that feeling when you’re exhausted but you still have so much to do?


Your brain is working at 10% capacity, but you still keep pushing. That’s what we call burnout and it’s safe to say that the burnout is real!


It’s a common trap that we fall into when trying to get more things done. Ironically, working all the time and getting burnt out is counter-productive and we only end up sapping our energy.


However, being productive isn’t just about quantity. And it’s not just about quality either. It’s about getting the most important, impactful things done efficiently, and to a high degree of quality, without getting hung up on perfection. This last part is especially tough for many of us.


If you only focus on doing more work, you’re ignoring a critical aspect of your productivity — your capacity for getting things done. Not taking breaks and sleeping enough will get you more work hours but in that time you’ll be operating nowhere near your full potential.


The more burnt out you get, the less effective you’ll be. The less effective you are, the more hours you’ll have to put and get even more burnt out.


Get the picture?


Your body and mind have a certain capacity to perform. If you take care of yourself well, that capacity will expand. And if you keep burning energy that you don’t have, your capacity will diminish.


3 key steps to avoid burning out:


  1. Keep Your Priorities Crystal Clear. Unclear goals are one of the most powerful drivers of burnout. Without clear goals, you can’t set priorities, and without priorities, you can’t perform your job to the best of your ability
  2. Be deliberate about your free time. Be sure you spend your time away in a way that is satisfying for you, so that you’re not tempted to stay half-plugged-in. Whether that means having family time, going on a date, exercising, reading MAGNIFY…
  3. Plan For Tomorrow. Your brain loves structure, and you will find yourself being much more productive when your tasks are written down in an organised way.


You may not even see that burnout coming; it creeps up on you insidiously as you drive yourself to physical and emotional exhaustion.

So if you love your career, and you want to find out the best way to avoid burnout without sacrificing your commitment to success, you wouldn’t want to miss the next #MAGMasterclass on Monday (15th May). Tickets are £15 and can be purchased here and it will be taking place at our new venue – the prestigious Century Club in central London. Don’t forget to bring along a friend too, as avoiding burnout is something you will need your friends to buy into as well!


WORDS BY Linda Ayoola