MAGNIFY Magazine | Relationships : The Scent of a Man
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Relationships : The Scent of a Man

Every girl has a checklist. Once in a while, said girl, checklist in hand, stumbles across a member of the male species who makes her realise that when Genesis says that in the beginning, creation was good – it was. It was damn good.

More often than not, the checklist-man is in the region of six foot, with a chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and a mysterious air about him.

Representing more than a whim or a teenage crush, these markers of attraction are like quicksand; too often we find ourselves slipping into the caverns masked by their well-groomed surfaces. We use attraction – be it physical, sexual or character-based – as propellants to launch us past the mirage and into the oasis of ‘fulfilling relationships’.

Yet, when Mr. Enigmatic – the one who looks at you from under those dark brooding eyes swimming with secrets (most of which you have imagined) – enters into a relationship with you, openness is desired. Without transparency, there can be no trust, loyalty or confidence – and that makes commitment difficult.

Those broad shoulders (that you long to massage) represent strength – someone who can bear your burdens, your doubts and worries. You trust him not to drop you because, to him, you are precious.

That chiseled jaw and much-wished-for washboard stomach (or any other features of masculine strength), echoes the desire for solidarity. Someone with resolve, someone sure of himself and what he wants in life. Someone fueled by a vision and a purpose: as he fulfills his ambitions, he encourages you to chase after yours.

The beard (or otherwise clean-shaven) face will speak of being well groomed. If he takes care of himself, then, one hopes, he’ll not only take care of, but also cherish you.

And lastly, that voice that sends shivers down your spine is most successful when he’s passionate. When he speaks to you about the things his heart breaks for and his eyes come alive. He lives his life to the full, giving everything, committed, inspired and quietly confident.

Her checklist

I know a man who opened His arms so wide, I could never escape from His embrace. I love to be independent, but He lifted those burdens I couldn’t carry with ease. I’ve spent hours speaking with Him deep into the night, sharing my deepest secrets, exposing my heart to Him, and since He has never failed me, I’ve learnt to trust Him. He taught me how to live life to the full, and He has this incredible purpose and vision for my life, better than my deprecating self can even dare to imagine. He never changes, and His body is to me, the most beautiful temple I have ever seen. He understands my true value as a precious individual. All these traits combined make Him the most attractive person I have ever laid eyes on. He carries this scent with Him; it’s completely intoxicating and life-giving. Any man worth your time should carry his own aroma. I’d love you to meet Him one day… I know He wants to meet you.

“For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved.” 2 Corinthians 2 v.15

This all begs the question… Who is He?

Words by Justina Ogunseitan
Photographs by Estera Kluczenko