MAGNIFY Magazine | The Editor’s Letter – August
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The Editor’s Letter – August

Dear Readers,

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your continued support of the MAGNIFY Magazine and us as a team – we are so grateful.

I haven’t written an Editor’s Letter in so long but as we approach the final quarter of the year, I’m encouraged to get back into the swing of things.

August’s theme is Connect. It’s funny that, through digital and social means, we are the most ‘connected’ generation in history, yet, in so many ways, the disconnected and vacuous nature of some of our relationships and interactions is mind-blowing.

Whether we’ve articulated it or not, at our core, I think most of us want to make an impact on the world in some way. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on three main areas where we need to cultivate connection in order to leave an imprint.

Connect with Yourself

From a young age, due to my cultural and educational background, I’ve been strongly encouraged to focus on my professional goals, or those achievements that are most visible to others. While I’m grateful for the sense of drive instilled in me, sometimes it has stopped me taking the necessary time out to truly get to know myself.

There can be a variety of issues that arise from negative life experiences (often out of our control): character flaws, personal insecurities, or being too selfless to take time out to work out what we really want from life. Our weaknesses, fears and desires can make us feel vulnerable and that is why it’s often easier to not address them.

However, to make a significant and lasting impact and truly be a blessing to others, it’s important find and celebrate our strengths, discover what makes us tick and decide what we want to be known for.

When we know ourselves, it sets the compass of our lives.

Connect with People

‘People know you by your strengths but connect with you through your vulnerabilities.’

I heard this quote last year and it moved me deeply. Obviously we are inspired by the achievements of others, but we resonate more when we have the opportunity to see their strengths and their weaknesses; their achievements as well as their journey along the way.

Often we want to show how strong we are, how we have it all together and are moving forward in life, but I believe it’s also important to show others the weaknesses in us, too.

It’s amazing how when we stop and take time to get to know people – whether at work or in a wider community context – we’re able to relate to and appreciate them so much more.

Recently I was working with someone on a project. I’d always known them to be an outgoing person who seemed so carefree. However, before a meeting, we ended up spending two hours talking together and I was blown away by the challenges they had faced. I had a new level of understanding and appreciation of them. Usually I would have used the excuse of being too busy or too focused on the project to take the time out and it’s an experience that really stood with me.

Connect with your Purpose

‘Are you willing to connect and then commit to your purpose?’

Purpose is one of the most powerful things. It gives us vision, inspires us during the lows and motivates us to not get complacent during the highs. If we’re too busy to set aside time to find our true purpose, we just feel tired and uninspired as we don’t understand the bigger picture of what we’re working towards.

When I started the first MAGNIFY event seven years ago, I had no idea what the next steps would be. What I did know, and remind myself of everyday, was that through developing my personal relationship with God, I realised that He had given me a passion and a love to see women empowered. At times when the journey has been tough, understanding my purpose and resolving to stay committed has seen me through.

I am so passionate that MAGNIFY will always be a platform that encourages women to live out their passions and leave an indelible mark on the world we live in, so I hope this month’s letter has inspired you to continue to connect to yourself, people around you and your purpose.

With love always,

Ruth Yimika Awogbade, Editor-In-Chief

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